Monday, October 8

Best intentions.

It appears that Technology has gotten ahead of itself.   I recently had to revert a smart phone to its original factory setting and in the process I ended up deleting my blog pictures.    I will endeavour to restore all of the pictures lost as soon as possible. 

on a much nicer note,  I have learned to work with 100 thread.  I love how small the work comes out.     YEAH!!!!!!


God's Kid said...

That little cross is really fabulous!!! :)

Bonnie said...

wow that is so tiny, congratulations on size 100! I doubt I'll ever get smaller than size 60, which is still pushing it.

Margarets designer cards said...

That is beautiful, and on such fine thread well done

Nancy in Dallas said...

I can't see any of you pics. They seem to be blocked.

Margarets designer cards said...

Sorry you have this problem I had the same problem due to someone giving me hassle and I was so upset I pressed the wrong button.

You might still be able to restore them, your pictures maybe on Picasa web albums, I did not know until it happen that they are all restored on this album, If not there is a link on google help to restore pictures, it worked for me but I think there was a time limit
Hope this helps to get your pictures back.

Alex said...

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Msquared said...

Alex, my mental status is my choice, I can choose to succumb or I can choose to persevere. I chose to be happy and accomplish things instead of folding.
I try every day to teach that to someone else I hope it spreads like wildfire.