Wednesday, January 28

Hearts Desire

I completed a third heart and this time went with the solid red so that I could attach the ladybug. It just seems like the right addition to this tatting.

Hope you all like it. Cause it is kinda glued on already. hehe.

Monday, January 26

Where I live.

I have recently purchased a really neato keen camera. Not expensive but BIG on quality much more so that that damnable HPM425. I ended up choosing a Nikon L18. This thing is fantastic. I highly recommend it! it has a panorama picture mode that works GREAT! I just wanted you to see the first one I did and a glimpse of where I am in the world.

Follow up for the christmas ornaments that I finished but never posted.

Here are some pictures of the ornaments that I finished up for the january challenge. I am sorry that I have not posted till now but hey life gets hectic at times yes yes?
I really am tickled that there are more followers now. this is really cool.
Still I tried to make several different designs, working on the KISS method,

That way the bulb can be accentuated instead of over run with the tatting. there was one that I had already posted that truly took over the globe. it was the multicolor variegated blue green white one that really lost the globe all told.

but here are some more that I have yet to post.
And for my friend Jean, I love your socks. I purchased 2 sets of needles. sets of 4 both end pointed so that I can learn to make socks.

And the Horses were a gift. I just think they are grand so I decided to post them.

Friday, January 23

I'll get to it later....

Back in October I got a package from my friend Sandra, She had included some HDT and I fell in love with the colors. Well I was debating upon what I should make from the thread. As luck would have it I kept putting off working with the threads as I just could not figure out WHAT I wanted to make with such lovely threads.. I had to find SOMETHING that suited the thread, when in all reality all I had to do is decide on what to make and the thread really did the trick and brought the pattern to life. Don't you just love those Chicken or the Egg arguements. Still I decided to load a pair of shuttles and just DO the next pattern that I fell in love with. AGAIN Sandra came through, you see she sent me a pattern of the HEARTS DESIRE and I was hooked. I have made 2 of these thus far and will make another here in the next day or so. I am going to give away Tatted Valentines wishes this year! I already know where the first two are going and I have a good idea where I can send a third and a fourth. I am thinking of adding one of the Buttons that H sent me of the lady bug to the heart and see how it accents the piece. We shall see and I will scan one to give you a chance to tell me how you like it. So Please Feel free to let me know which you like better.. with or without the ladybug.

Wednesday, January 21

It's Magically Delicious!

I know it has been Much too long since I posted last but I have just not be up to it. Needless to say I have several projects that I need to post here but I wanted to get this one up before I did anything else!
Thank you H!!! THANK YOU!!

I went to my mail box today and what did I find there but an envelope from a friend. She had included some neato things for me to use in my tatting.
I never figured out how to use the snowflakes yet but I will I promise, Now I have some other things to figure out how to incorporate them into my tatting!
Thanks H! You are a true Peach!!! There was one more closure a round with a bar that I did not get a clear shot of so it is not included here but I am So happy and thankful for Everything!
I also want to send out another thank you to S for everything she put in her box for me. I am going to do the Hearts desire pattern out of the HDT you sent me luv!
Here is what was in my envelope: