Friday, November 28

Come on up to the Lab and Ill show you my favorite obscession.

Forgive me the RHPS reference, but I watched it with a friend this week and I just have it on the brain just like the newest iteration of the last snowflake I posted. I wanted to give a new friend something a little different, I offered her a snowflake and then decided to send her Two instead. I did not want to send her exactly the same one as before, because well after all, NO SNOWFLAKE is exactly the same as any other. Going on that theory I figured I would change the snowflake a little to see what I got. I decided to use Half double sitiches for the long legs of the flake points. I did the Second half of the DS first on the way out to the point and did the First half of the DS on the way back to the center. I figured this would give the resulting spirals a symmetry to them. Now that I have had a chance to look at this enhancement to the original pattern I Love it even more than the first one that I did. I still get the swirl effect but now it is even MORE pronounced. Also since this alteration works, I guess doing the hds in the same direction for the whole length of the bar to the point and back could also make for a nice effect. I guess what I am saying is this, "It is excellent to follow a pattern, You will always get the expected result. Adding your own flair to the design will make it uniquely yours and could end up pleasing you more than accomplishing the pattern did the first time!" Tatting is such a relaxing passtime for me that I look for ways to make it more fun! I hope you like this flake as much as I did making it. M.


Gina said...

I like the variation too! Sometimes we create variations by accident (grin) but it's always fun to experiment and see what happens.

Carol Lawecki said...

I like how this turned out. I wonder how it would look with beads on the spiral chains???

Thanks for sharing!

sally said...

The color is great for Christmas.