Thursday, November 27

Size does matter

I was speaking with my friend Sandra recently and she said, I am doing snowflakes in sz 10 as they go together quickly and you get a huge snowflake. I got a request for a burgandy flake so I decided to pull out some thread in 10. Here is the result. I pulled one of the rings too tight but Ill correct that on the next one. I loaded enough thread to do 2 of them. point to point this flake is 5" across she is OH so Right! in so many ways. Thanks Sandra!


Gina said...

That's true, they are bigger, but I prefer the small delicate looking ones myself. I've been given some big ones. They never go on my tree because they don't hang well. I end up using them as little doilies or coasters.

Msquared said...

Gina, I too prefer the smaller ones for the tree. When I offered to make snowflakes for this particular person she requested larger ones because she wants to hang them in her living room windows. So I suppose perhaps they have a use after all. I would have been trying to figure out how many rounds I would have to use to make it big enough to be seen. hehe. This way I am off the hook in half the stitches. Gods I am so lazy sometimes..
Hope your holiday was fantastic!