Saturday, September 6

Some more of my recent work.

HI all, I have decided to become a bit more industrious about posting to this blog now that I am actually feeling social, for the most part, once again. So here are some more of my work.
The blue one to the right is a bit like the pink one posted yesterday but still is different in a lot of ways. It has beads on the large picot toward the center and three picots on the outer picot from the trefoils. I love doing the trefoils. I like how they sit and form. I really liked this particular collar because of how the joins came together from the first pass to the second. I will post a close up of the blue here in the next line or so.
Recently I was asked to make a goth choker. I figured I would go with the black, but what do you add and how do you make a choker look GOTH? hmmm I was not sure but the end result gave the person exactly the colors she wanted. I also made her a white choker incase she was feeling a bit angelic instead. I used silver closures with chain on them. She loved both!
I am Happily working out a purple necklace for another friend. I am not far enough along to show you anything you have not seen already but I promise I will post it when I do.


TattingChic said...

Those are just beautiful!

GraceBeading said...

Your work as gorgeous. I don't know what goes into creating pieces like this but they are extremely easy admire. So delicate and pretty. Thanks for sharing!