Saturday, September 6

One of the other addictions

I have another addiction that I have practiced since I fell too. Hardanger.

Hardanger Embroidery is a type of whitework that takes its name from that region. It is made with geometric designs of kloster (blocks), "ships", diamonds, and other embroidery techniques. It is worked on Hardanger or linen fabric which has a "count" of 22 to 29 threads per inch. Traditionally it is worked on white fabric with white cotton thread but in recent years other colors and threads are popular. Norwegian bunads (native costumes) from that region often feature this embroidery on the bottom of the white apron.

Today we use the hardanger type of stitchery to embellish many things. I use it mainly to do Pillows. Since I learned to do the Traditional Whitework I have expanded into working color on white, and color on color and then Vareigated color on color. Watercolors are my friend!!
Still here are some examples of the color on color.


GraceBeading said...

Wow, I really like the white, but I love the addition of the color. Beautiful work!

grant.mahy said...

you cant beat white on white .very nice.yip beautiful