Tuesday, October 7


I have a friend in Georgia. She and I started talking recently and we share jokes and text messages. Sandra informed me that she would be attending Palmetto days in SC and asked ever so thoughtfully if I needed anything. Wait till you see what I got!! I asked for two balls of sz 20 Dark purple thread as ALL of you know purple is one hard color to find. Still I asked. She found two balls of Opera thread for me and I am happy as a clam. She also got a set of shuttles from russia, they are distinctly different from the ones available here I will scan them and get them up soon so you all can see. They are much thicker than the american ones. But still Ill bet they hold a TON of thread.
In my box she sent me some interesting Flossing doodads that she uses for Magic threads and beading etc. Ill scan those as well.
Also in my box were two tatted pieces one snowflake and one Heart book mark. Both are stunning.

Thank you Sandra!


TattingChic said...

How cool is that! Hey, I recognize that heart! I know which Sandra you are talking about now! SHe is super nice! Always very considerate and generous with her tatting talents! I can't wait to see the shuttles from Russia that she got you!

~Heather~ said...

wow that is awesome!! I can usually find purple but only in size 10. Friends are awesome to have like that :) Have a wonderful day