Friday, October 17


Sandra was ever so kind as to send me a really neato CARE package. I absent mindedly forgot to include some other MAJOR gifties!! so here, is the rest of the story! (I just knew you would catch the reference Sandra.)

In my package she included these two skeins of HDT one is called apple blossom the green to pink/red and the other is called coral reef. Both are from Tatskool. (note: Tatskool you do some lovely work with the thread dying, thank you I will be looking your direction soon for some colors)

Also here are the Russian Tatting shuttles that were in the box as well.

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TattingChic said...

I wonder how big the shuttles are. Do they snap together at the post, I wonder? It would be neat to see them with a size reference like a quarter or something. Your HDT's look like fun. I just ordered some of the same color from Pamela!