Saturday, October 18

Christmas gifts and some tryout tatting.

I started tatting the other day and decided to try some around a christmas ball. I used size 20 and thought it might be a bit too clunky. After it was done I looked at it and it seemed ok. The more I look at it the better I like it though. I think I will try doing some with size 80 to see how it looks. I know it will be a bit more delicate but this one reminds me a bit of snow on the rooftop, kinda sorta. Still I am going to experiment some more with it.

I started a necklace for my aunt. I posted it earlier and I have since finished it. so I am posting the finished product. I also made some earrings to match. I know how hard it can be to match things when it comes to jewelry.

And last but not least an update on the Hat. I have completed two more rounds. I altered the pattern because I did not like how small the rings were in the second round. so I increased it by 1ds each part. so its now 3p3p3p3 cl.


TattingChic said...

Your ornament looks very nice. Your necklace finished up nicely and your hat looks like it's coming along okay, too!

snowy said...

I love the hat, I am really looking forward to seeing the finished article.
The others are pretty too, and I am sure you will love working with size 80, it makes stuff so lacy!