Saturday, September 6

One of the other addictions

I have another addiction that I have practiced since I fell too. Hardanger.

Hardanger Embroidery is a type of whitework that takes its name from that region. It is made with geometric designs of kloster (blocks), "ships", diamonds, and other embroidery techniques. It is worked on Hardanger or linen fabric which has a "count" of 22 to 29 threads per inch. Traditionally it is worked on white fabric with white cotton thread but in recent years other colors and threads are popular. Norwegian bunads (native costumes) from that region often feature this embroidery on the bottom of the white apron.

Today we use the hardanger type of stitchery to embellish many things. I use it mainly to do Pillows. Since I learned to do the Traditional Whitework I have expanded into working color on white, and color on color and then Vareigated color on color. Watercolors are my friend!!
Still here are some examples of the color on color.

Some more of my recent work.

HI all, I have decided to become a bit more industrious about posting to this blog now that I am actually feeling social, for the most part, once again. So here are some more of my work.
The blue one to the right is a bit like the pink one posted yesterday but still is different in a lot of ways. It has beads on the large picot toward the center and three picots on the outer picot from the trefoils. I love doing the trefoils. I like how they sit and form. I really liked this particular collar because of how the joins came together from the first pass to the second. I will post a close up of the blue here in the next line or so.
Recently I was asked to make a goth choker. I figured I would go with the black, but what do you add and how do you make a choker look GOTH? hmmm I was not sure but the end result gave the person exactly the colors she wanted. I also made her a white choker incase she was feeling a bit angelic instead. I used silver closures with chain on them. She loved both!
I am Happily working out a purple necklace for another friend. I am not far enough along to show you anything you have not seen already but I promise I will post it when I do.

Friday, September 5


Recently I completed a collar for a friends mother. You see she used to have tatted collars that she wore with everything and over the years has worn them so much she had worn them out and had to throw them out. I completed the collar for her birthday in August and she just had to call me and thank me profusely, that she had JUST the FROCK that she was going to wear it with. I hope she does wear it. It will mean more business for me for sure. The collars are turning out very nicely